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30" Photo Soft Box Light with 4 Chroma
Key Backdrops

Exceptional Quality Soft Box Light for Brighter Shoots!

Photo soft box light made of nylon fabric
Detachable front door cover with slit for camera
Includes 4 different colored backdrops
Easy to fold to and carry
Comes with a carrying case
$50.79 Now $34.95
Soft Box Flash Diffuser
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Professional Softbox Kit
30" Photo Soft Box Light with 4 Chroma Key Backdrops
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Tent Kit
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Being in the modeling industry, I am often required to play with images and videos to make them look fresh and new. 123VideoMagic does all that and more. I was able to transform my dull images to really lit up pictures by using amazing backgrounds provided with the application!
Rosy Joe

Softbox Lighting Kits

30" Photo Soft Box Light with 4 Chroma Key Backdrops
The photo softbox light tent is a professionally designed to help the photographers to shoot pictures in different locations. This photo softbox lighting kit is considered a must-have for every photographer and the key to incredible photography.
The soft box is ideal for product photography and is made of soft nylon fabric that allows diffusion of light and illuminating the product with a soft light. The tent also helps in eradicating any kind of shadows and reflections from the images. This square shaped light tent uses Velcro for attaching the backgrounds and for the camera, there is a detachable front door cover with slit.
White Background One (1) 30" photo tent: The Square-shaped tent included in the photo soft box light has a dimension of 30" X 30". This photography tent offers an easy solution for taking great quality images in-house.
Black Background One (1) black background: The black backdrop is made of pure muslin fabric and ensures better quality images. This background helps in adding cool and exciting effects to images, especially that of products.
Dark Blue Background One (1) dark blue background: The seamless blue muslin backdrop is considered ideal for any kind of photo shoots.
Red Background One (1) red background: The muslin red backdrop is made of pure cotton and helps you to shoot color rich images. The backdrop is ideally used for lively red photography.
Photo Tent One (1) white background: The pure white muslin backdrop included in the kit is ideal for shooting fashion catalogues and product photography.
Carrying Case One (1) carrying case: The carrying case makes it easy to carry the photo light box for on-location shoots.
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