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Triple Lighting Kit with Black & White Backdrops

Open up a Range of Creative Possibilities with an Excellent Lighting Kit!

Two (2) standard sized light stands & One (1) mini light stand
Background support system with 3-section telescope cross bars
Two (2) 33" soft umbrellas & three (3) CFL light bulbs
6' X 9' Muslin backdrops in white and black colors
One carrying case
$281.34 Now 179.95
Complete Portrait Studio Kit
Continuous Lighting Light kit,
10 X 12ft Backdrops
Monolight Flash Lighting Kit
4 Piece Continuous Digital
Lighting Kit
Triple Lighting Kit with
black & white Backdrops
3 Muslin Continuous Lighting Kit
10X12 black, white, green
backdrop with Triple Lighting kit
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Being in the modeling industry, I am often required to play with images and videos to make them look fresh and new. 123VideoMagic does all that and more. I was able to transform my dull images to really lit up pictures by using amazing backgrounds provided with the application!
Rosy Joe

Complete Lighting Kits

Triple Lighting Kit with Black & White Backdrops
The continuous triple lighting kit offered by 123 Video Magic helps in taking creative pictures. The lighting kit offers an easy and economical way to set-up a photo studio anytime, anywhere. The kit ensures proper lighting to the subject and opens up a wide range of creative avenues. All the photography equipments and accessories included in the kit are durable and easy to use.
This kit is sure to be a great addition to your studio. Buy now and get started!
Support System One (1) Background support system (3-sections Cross bar, 2 Tripods): The background support system included in the kit is premium quality and has 3-sections Cross bar to support your backdrop and 2 tripods.
High Quality Tripod/Light Stands Two (2) light stands: The two top quality light stands included in the kit are of standard size and have an adjustable height. These stands have a max height: 6.7 Ft, min Height: 26in. The stands are made of black anodized aluminum, lightweight and extremely stable.
Mini Light Stand One (1) mini light stand: The heavy-duty stand has a maximum height of 2.6 ft and min height: 380 MM. These stands are also made of black anodized aluminum and have quick release levers.
Three (3) AC light sockets: The light sockets included in the lighting kit can hold up to 105-Watt light bulbs.
Soft Umbrellas Two (2) 33" soft umbrellas: The soft umbrella included in the kit help the photographers to diffuse the harsh light which results in natural-looking pictures.
Black, White Muslin Backdrop One (1) 6' X 9' Muslin backdrop (black): The black muslin backdrop is made of pure cotton and helps in creating a solid background for images.
Black, White Muslin Backdrop One (1) 6' x 9' muslin backdrop (white): The white colored pure muslin backdrop included in the lighting kit helps the photographers to easily create a soft background for the images.
Fluorescent Photo Bulbs Three (3) Compact fluorescent daylight balanced photo light bulbs: The light bulbs consume less energy and save more power. These bulbs ensure brighter shoots without any hassle.
Carrying Case for Support One (1) Carrying Case for background support: The carrying case allows you to store and carry the background support with ease
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