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Chroma Keying Software and the way it works

Chroma Keying or chroma key compositing is a technique used in the world of photography and video-making, which has completely changed the way shooting was done earlier. In this technique, a photographer or video-director can mix two different frames into one to remove the color of one image. The entertainment industry, weather forecast, and many other sectors use Chroma Key technology apart from using the traditional methods of generating pictures and videos. This advanced technology is used by many photographers around the world to make their work simple and pleasurable. The background is made attractive to enhance the quality of the pictures taken or video created.

We see weather forecasters standing in front of the world map while communicating news about the weather conditions. However, the world map that can be seen behind them is a background image which can be interchanged with the chroma key background. After making the weather forecasting video with a chroma key background, changes are brought in the clip as required with the help of Chroma Key software. In movies, we see many dramatic scenes that have been created with special effects. These effects are applied with the help of Chroma Keying technique. Cinematographers find using this technique helpful in enhancing the entire cinematography experience for the viewers.
Cover the required body part with a green cloth while recording your video in front of green screen. Replace this video with a background image, the body part covered earlier with green will go invisible.
Record your video and take an image of yours, to be used later as background, such that both put in place give a cool clone effect. You are talking to yourself.
Have your newsreader record the news reading in front of a green screen, then later replace the video with necessary background images like world map, etc.
Record your video in front of a green screen. Replace the green screen with such a background image that you look like a giant and even the biggest of buildings go dwarf in front of you.

How the Chroma Key technique works?

The process of using Chroma Key technology is quite simple. This technique requires compositing two images or frames together, in which a background color from one image is removed. The 123 Video magic software  removes green color from the  background. The removal of the background is done to reveal another image. A photographer or video-director could transform a boring  dull creation into an interesting piece of art. At first, the image is captured of the subject standing against a green background. The portions of the video which match the pre-selected chroma key color are replaced by another background video or image.

Green is the most popular color choice for chroma key, since it does not match the human skin color. The color is so common because image sensors in the digital camera are very sensitive to it. The digital cameras assign more pixels to the green channel, which helps in bringing special effects in the pictures. As a result, green hue contains the least noise in masking the background image of a photograph.

Chroma Keying technique also requires effective lighting while clicking pictures. The shooting venue should have ample light to create desirable effects in a photograph. Cloning effects can also be created in a photo by using Chroma key software, enhancing the creativity of the picture.
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