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Being in the modeling industry, I am often required to play with images and videos to make them look fresh and new. 123VideoMagic does all that and more. I was able to transform my dull images to really lit up pictures by using amazing backgrounds provided with the application!
Rosy Joe

How to Shoot an Excellent Green Screen Video

Green screen or chroma key recording is a shooting technique where the subject is shot against a green background, and later changes are made to the background. During editing the background is replaced with an image, a video or an animation. Green color chosen for chroma key is based on the fact that it is the only color that does not match any of the human skin tones. You can do amazing photography or video shooting using the 123 Video Magic green screen tutorial.

To start shooting in a home studio, the first thing that is required is a green screen or a green background. The green backdrop can be a green colored paper, cardboard or a green cloth. The cheapest is the green cloth but it is not long lasting, on the other hand green cloth is a little expensive but is very durable. More over the maintenance and care required for a green paper backdrop is more than green muslin. The green screen kit provided by 123 Video Magic is a comprehensive utility for shooting. The Kit comes with a stand to hang the green cloth. This product is the best way to assemble the entire set-up for shooting. Another most important consideration while shooting is the lighting. Keeping this aspect in mind is very crucial. With improper lighting, you will end up with inappropriately lit videos or images. Our recording studio hardware bundle comes with four light photo studio lamps for your indoor photography. It also consists of white translucent photo umbrellas to reflect the light. While shooting, it is important to note that some light should fall on the backdrop and some on the subject. This will ensure picture-perfect lighting for your shooting.

Green Screen Tutorial

This simple tutorial will make it easy for you to shoot a high-quality video or photograph.
Home Movie Image and Overlay Pack
Firstly you should be clear of what kind of image or video you want to create. This will help you to select the mood for your lighting and also the look for your subject. Consider these aspects and then shoot the subject standing in front of the green background.
Make sure that your green background is unwrinkled and has an even chroma key color.
The subject should stand three feet away from the backdrop to avoid any shadows or similar effects in the green screen video or image. The background should have a uniform green color, so that the green color is smoothly replaced with an attractive background.
Select an image or video to replace the green background. You can also choose from digital backgrounds provided in 123 Video Magic Library.
Replace the green screen with your chosen background. You can try various options before saving the final output.
Further you can edit your video by adding effects, transitions, image and audio to your green screen video.
This product is good for both outdoor and indoor shootings. with its top quality tripods. The background stand has a carrying case which proves helpful in outdoor shoots. The entire equipment takes about five minutes to set up and is extremely easy to use. Another factor to be kept in mind while shooting is that the subject should not wear similar color to the chroma key backdrop color. If the subject does, then along with the green backdrop the background image will appear on the clothing as well. If you follow these green screen tutorial tips, it will be really easy to create amazing videos or photographs.
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